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We are one of the top suppliers in the Southeastern United States of "Metal Manufacturing", "Plastic Manufacturing" and "Contract Manufacturing." We also furnish "Design Services", "Offshore Sourcing" and "High Performance Adhesives & UV Light Curing Equipment." If you want a vendor that is more like part of your company for Metal manufacturing, Plastic manufacturing or Contract manufacturing you need to contact us today!
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Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

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Our Company consistently utilizes "Early Supplier Involvement," "Design For Manufacturability," "Problem Solving/Process Conversion," "Engineering/Manufacturing Solutions," and "Cost Reduction Programs" to give you TOTAL Solutions from prototype through production. This allows you to get your very best product to market quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

Contact us if you want to see what it's like to have us be a "part" of your company. It is just like adding a new department with broad expertise in many of the important manufacturing areas - but without the everyday overhead. We offer total solutions from prototype through production.

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Bullet 1 In business since 1984 
Bullet 2 MANA member since 1987 
Bullet 3 Member SME 
Bullet 4 Most Principals are ISO Registered 
Bullet 5 Total service from prototype through production 

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