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MSI was started with one goal in mind: helping individuals and companies find the best or the most cost- effective ways to manufacture their products.  I have spent my entire working career in sales, sales engineering, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing.  Since starting MSI in 1984, Iíve helped hundreds of companies with their new product introductions. The following lists many of the services I offer my clients:

     Business Services
            Business plans                                                   Marketing plans
            Business structure development                          Provisional Patent applications
            QC Manuals

    Product Development                                    Prototyping Services
            Industrial design                                                Stereolithography
            Mechanical design                                             Machined prototypes
            Digital and Analog electronics                            RTV molds
            PCB design                                                       Quick-turn aluminum tools
            Product Engineering                                          PCB prototypes

    Domestic Manufacturing                               Off-shore Manufacturing
            Cast metals                                                       Plastic molding and fabrication
            Precision machining                                           Rubber molding
            Sheet metal fabrication                                      Cast metals
            Short-run stampings                                           Metal fabrication
            Prototyping services                                          Forgings
            Injection molding                                               Cold heading
            Blow molding                                                    Powdered metals
            Acrylic fabrication                                             Electronics
            Structural plastic molding                                   Extrusions
            High performance UV adhesives                        Fasteners
            Contract manufacturing                                     Gas springs
            PCB assembly                                                  Glass
            Wire and cable assemblies                                 Springs

The business climate today is very dynamic.  Businesses that were successful last year may be finding things very different today.  For your business to be successful, you need the services of someone who has been through these changes throughout his working career and can help you make the adjustments for continued success.

If youíre starting a new business with a new product, I can help you with your business planning, from napkin design to market introduction.

Call us today for a free consultation and review of your product.

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