Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

Most products that have been in the marketplace for awhile need to be cost reduced to stay competitive. Perhaps, when you first introduced your product, you took the path of least resistance, hoping to beat the competition to the market. Now that the competition has arrived, you need that competitive edge again. Now is the time to call us to evaluate your product for cost-reduction opportunities. As an example, one of the ways we have cost reduced many products is by designing an enclosure in plastic instead of sheet metal. When you design in plastic you have the opportunity to combine other mating parts and possibly many hardware items. The plastic part takes the place of several, and you have the opportunity to spruce up the aesthetics. Combining several parts and hardware items will reduce your costs in many ways. You save when you only have to buy one part instead of several; you save by eliminating the cost of purchasing and inventorying several items; and you save by reducing the assembly time with molded-in features such as snap fits and hinges. The cost savings can be dramatic! Call or E-mail us for a free evaluation of your product.

Wherever you reduce costs, the savings go right to the bottom line (profit.)
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