Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

Lawrence L. Woods, Owner/President
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Eight years in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program
  • Twelve years in the Industrial Gas Industry as a Sales/Process Engineer
  • Thirty Three years as a Manufacturers' Representative with experience in the following manufacturing processes:
                   Sand Castings 
                   Rubber Moldings 
                   Investment Castings 
                   Die Castings 
                   V-Process Castings 
                   Permanent Mold Castings 
                   Aluminum Extrusions 
                   Sheet Metal Fabrication 
                   Precision Machining 
                   Prototype Plastics 
                   Prototype Castings 
   Injection Molding 
 Structural Foam Molding 
 Blow Molding 
 Extruded Medical Tubing 
 RIM Molding 
 Vacuum Forming 
 Wire Harness/Cable Assemblies 
 Box Build Assembly 
 Contract Design Services 
 Product Development 
 Contract Manufacturing 
 PCB Manufacturing